Anastasia (Music From The Motion Picture)

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01. A Rumor In St. Petersburg [Jonathan Dokuchitz & Kelsey Grammer] 3min 25s    
02. Journey To The Past [Liz Callaway] 2min 55s    
03. Once Upon A December [Liz Callaway] 2min 48s    
04. In The Dark Of The Night [Jim Cummings] 3min 21s    
05. Learn To Do It [Jonathan Dokuchitz, Kelsey Grammer & Liz Callaway] 2min 36s    
06. Learn To Do It (Waltz Reprise) [Jonathan Dokuchitz, Kelsey Grammer & Liz Callaway] 1min 45s    
07. Paris Holds The Key [To Your Heart] [Jonathan Dokuchitz & Bernadette Peters] 3min 2s    
08. At The Beginning [Richard Marx & Donna Lewis] 3min 40s    
09. Journey To The Past (Aaliyah Version) [Aaliyah] 4min 4s    
10. Once Upon A December (Deana Carter Version) [Liz Callaway] 3min 34s    
11. Prologue [David Newman] 6min 23s    
12. Speaking Of Sophie [David Newman] 2min 36s    
13. The Nightmare [David Newman] 3min 5s    
14. Kidnap And Reunion [David Newman] 4min 29s    
15. Reminiscing With Grandma [David Newman] 3min 17s    
16. Finale [David Newman] 2min 59s    
17. Viaje Tiempo Atras [Journey To The Past] (Thalia Version) [Thalía] 3min 7s