Delta Dawn

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01. Black Water Bayou 3min 31s   Mobiilituote
02. Walking Shoes 2min 38s   Mobiilituote
03. Some Kind Of Trouble 3min 51s   Mobiilituote
04. Little Things 4min 4s   Mobiilituote
05. Don't Go Out 3min 15s   Mobiilituote
06. Soon 3min 28s   Mobiilituote
07. Down To My Last Teardrop 3min 29s   Mobiilituote
08. Tell Me About It [Tanya Tucker With Delbert McClinton] 3min 42s   Mobiilituote
09. Two Sparrows In A Hurricane 4min 6s 1,69€ Mobiilituote
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10. Hangin' In 3min 23s   Mobiilituote
11. It Won't Be Me 2min 53s   Mobiilituote
12. I'll Take Today 3min 10s   Mobiilituote
13. Oh What It Did to Me 3min 31s   Mobiilituote
14. My Arms Stay Open All Night 3min 31s   Mobiilituote
15. It's A Little Too Late 2min 39s   Mobiilituote
16. We Don't Have to Do This 3min 47s   Mobiilituote
17. If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight 3min 3s   Mobiilituote
18. Right About Now 3min 36s   Mobiilituote
19. (Without You) What Do I Do With Me 2min 57s 1,69€ Mobiilituote
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20. Delta Dawn 3min 21s 1,69€ Mobiilituote
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