Stranger Things (Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series)

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01. INTRO - Will Singing the Clash [Will Byers] 0min 27s    
02. Every Breath You Take [The Police] 4min 11s    
03. Should I Stay or Should I Go (Remastered) [The Clash] 3min 6s 1,80€ Mobiilituote
04. 'Coffee and contemplation' [Jim Hopper] 0min 9s    
05. Hazy Shade of Winter [The Bangles] 2min 45s 1,80€ Mobiilituote
06. Nocturnal Me [Echo & The Bunnymen] 4min 55s    
07. 'Bring him home!' [Joyce Byers] 0min 7s    
08. Sunglasses at Night [Corey Hart] 3min 53s    
09. Girls On Film [Duran Duran] 3min 28s    
10. 'Just because people tell you...' [Jonathan Byers] 0min 4s    
11. Atmosphere [Joy Division] 4min 7s    
12. 'Maybe I'm crazy...' [Joyce Byers] 0min 11s    
13. Twist of Fate [Olivia Newton-John] 3min 37s    
14. 'Says logic' [Mike & Dustin] 0min 6s    
15. The Ghost in You [The Psychedelic Furs] 4min 15s 1,80€ Mobiilituote
16. Africa [Toto] 4min 56s 1,80€ Mobiilituote
17. You Don't Mess Around With Jim [Jim Croce] 2min 59s    
18. 'Accident or not' [Dustin & Lucas] 0min 12s    
19. Whip It [Devo] 2min 38s    
20. Runaway [Bon Jovi] 3min 50s    
21. Time After Time [Cyndi Lauper] 3min 57s 1,80€ Mobiilituote
22. Talking In Your Sleep [The Romantics] 3min 55s 1,80€ Mobiilituote
23. 'Mouthbreather' [Mike & Eleven] 0min 22s    
24. Back to Nature [Fad Gadget] 5min 48s    
25. 'She's our friend and she's crazy!' [Dustin] 0min 4s    
26. Rock You Like a Hurricane [Scorpions] 4min 14s 1,80€ Mobiilituote
27. Heroes [Peter Gabriel] 4min 3s    
28. 'Friends don't lie' [Eleven] 0min 4s    
29. Elegia [New Order] 4min 55s    
30. OUTRO - Will Singing the Clash [Will Byers] 0min 15s