Apollo 13 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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01. Main Title / Apollo 13 / James Horner (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 2min 29s    
02. One Small Step (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [Walter Cronkite, Neil Armstrong] 0min 42s    
03. Night Train [James Brown] 3min 27s    
04. Groovin' [The Young Rascals] 2min 26s    
05. Somebody To Love [Jefferson Airplane] 2min 54s    
06. I Can See For Miles (Remix) [The Who] 4min 9s    
07. Purple Haze [Jimi Hendrix Experience] 2min 45s    
08. Launch Control (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 0min 31s    
09. All Systems Go - The Launch (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 10min 3s    
10. Welcome To Apollo 13 (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [Tom Hanks] 0min 26s    
11. Spirit In The Sky [Norman Greenbaum] 3min 50s    
12. House Cleaning/Houston, We Have A Problem (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Brett Cullen, Gary Sinise] 0min 54s    
13. Master Alarm (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 3min 36s    
14. What's Going On? (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [Gary Sinise, Tom Hanks] 0min 50s    
15. Into The Lem (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 4min 18s    
16. Out Of Time/Shut Her Down (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [Brett Cullen, Ed Harris, Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon] 0min 34s    
17. Darkside Of The Moon (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 4min 49s    
18. Failure Is Not An Option (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [Ed Harris] 0min 23s    
19. Honky Tonkin' [Hank Williams] 2min 42s    
20. Blue Moon [The Mavericks] 4min 1s    
21. Waiting For Disaster/A Privilege (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [Ed Harris, Gary Sinise, Tom Hanks] 0min 30s    
22. Re-Entry And Splashdown (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 8min 52s    
23. End Titles / Apollo 13 / James Horner (From "Apollo 13" Soundtrack) [James Horner] 6min 59s