Greatest Hits (Only Original Recordings)


kesto & hinta

01. Wake up Little Susie 1min 56s    
02. Lucille 2min 26s    
03. O Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) 2min 30s    
04. Keep a Knockin' 2min 12s    
05. Alway's It's You 2min 24s    
06. Bully of the Town 1min 56s    
07. What Kind of Girl Are You 1min 50s    
08. All I Have to Do Is Dream 2min 15s    
09. Bye Bye Love 2min 13s    
10. Brand New Heartache 2min 12s    
11. Be Bop a Lula 2min 14s    
12. (Till) I Kissed You 2min 18s    
13. Crying in the Rain 1min 55s    
14. I Want You to Know 1min 57s    
15. That's Just Too Much 2min 33s    
16. Down in the Willow Garden 2min 58s    
17. Lightning Express 4min 47s    
18. Keep a Lovin' Me 2min 21s    
19. Little Old Lady 2min 18s    
20. Just in Case 2min 7s    
21. When I Grow Too Old to Dream 2min 24s    
22. Stick with Me Baby 1min 50s    
23. Temptation 2min 8s    
24. Love Is Where You Find It 1min 44s    
25. Memories Are Made of This 2min 29s    
26. Sigh, Cry, Almost Die 2min 10s    
27. That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine 3min 5s    
28. I Wonder If I Care as Much 2min 6s    
29. Let It Be Me 2min 32s    
30. Love Hurts 2min 16s    

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