The History Of Rock

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01. Intro 1min 7s    
02. American Bad Ass 4min 33s    
03. Prodigal Son 6min 41s    
04. Paid 4min 45s    
05. Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp (feat. Joe C. And Tino) [Kid Rock, Joe C., Tino] 7min 15s    
06. Dark & Grey 4min 56s    
07. 3 Sheets to the Wind (What's My Name) 3min 59s    
08. Abortion 4min 29s    
09. I Wanna Go Back 5min 28s    
10. Ya' Keep On 3min 54s    
11. Fuck That 3min 43s    
12. Fuck You Blind 3min 57s    
13. Born 2 B a Hick 1min 42s    
14. My Oedipus Complex (feat. Twisted Brown Trucker) [Kid Rock, Twisted Brown Trucker] 8min 19s