The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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01. The Prophecy 3min 55s    
02. Concerning Hobbits 2min 55s    
03. The Shadow Of The Past 3min 33s    
04. The Treason Of Isengard 4min 0s    
05. The Black Rider 2min 48s    
06. At The Sign Of The Prancing Pony 3min 14s    
07. A Knife In The Dark 3min 34s    
08. Flight To The Ford 4min 15s    
09. Many Meetings 3min 5s    
10. The Council Of Elrond (feat. "Aniron Theme For Aragorn And Arwen ") 3min 49s    
11. The Ring Goes South 2min 3s    
12. A Journey In The Dark 4min 20s    
13. The Bridge Of Khazad Dum 5min 57s    
14. Lothlorien (feat. "Lament For Gandalf") [Howard Shore, Elizabeth Fraser] 4min 33s    
15. The Great River 2min 42s    
16. Amon Hen 5min 2s    
17. The Breaking Of The Fellowship (feat. "In Dreams") [Howard Shore, Edward Ross] 7min 20s    
18. May It Be [Enya] 4min 17s