The Platinum Collection

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01. Brothers in Arms 5min 2s    
02. Scarborough Fair 4min 10s    
03. When a Man Loves a Woman 3min 45s    
04. Nothing Else Matters 5min 34s    
05. Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 4min 53s    
06. Hymn 5min 2s    
07. Moment of Peace 3min 57s    
08. Join Me 4min 11s    
09. Be 5min 15s    
10. Only You 3min 50s    
11. Sacrifice 4min 44s    
12. Fields of Gold 3min 24s    
13. Clocks 4min 24s    
14. The Gift 4min 21s    
15. Angels 4min 39s    
16. Bridge over Troubled Water 4min 48s    
17. Heroes 4min 45s    
18. Lady in Black 4min 56s    
19. Comfortably Numb 6min 49s    
20. The Forest 4min 7s    
21. Crying in the Rain 4min 44s    
22. Fix You 4min 59s    
23. Miracle of Love 4min 34s    
24. Dreams 4min 19s    
25. Meadows of Heaven 5min 48s    
26. A Whiter Shade of Pale 4min 6s    
27. Chasing Cars 4min 26s    
28. A Face in the Crowd 3min 37s    
29. Kashmir 6min 35s    
30. Sadeness Pt.1 4min 4s