Here And Now - Live In Concert

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01. Rendezvous (Live) 6min 55s 1,69€ Mobiilituote
02. Stolen Moments (Live) 9min 44s    
03. Turnabout (Live) 10min 16s    
04. Arthur's Dance (Live) 8min 3s    
05. The Gathering (Live) 8min 29s    
06. Picture Frame (Live) 9min 13s    
07. Bemsha Swing (Live) 10min 7s    
08. One Step Ahead (Live) 11min 18s    
09. Mariella's Dream (Live) 7min 35s    
10. On The Road (Live) 10min 49s    
11. Five For Elvin (Live) 6min 26s 1,69€ Mobiilituote
12. Naima (Live) 9min 51s    
13. Night In Tunisia (Live) 9min 52s    
14. Caravan (Live) 13min 53s